The Real Life Experiences with Spiritual Gifts: HEALINGS, by Bob West

7. "In Jesus' Name..."

An amazing thing happened to Dan and Cheryl Clark and Sylvia and me while we were visiting in the home of Art and Alice Ann Thompson. If you find it difficult to believe, I understand. We may not have believed it ourselves, except it happened to us, and when it happens to you, you believe it.

First, let me give you a little background information. Sylvia and I both had back and neck injuries that have kept us in almost constant pain for years. Our friend and therapeutic masseuse, Roberta Lowe, gave us a number of treatments and that helped some. One time Sylvia was in so much pain that Roberta couldn't give her any relief, so she recommended we go to her chiropractor in Asheville. Dr. Erik Randall took x-rays and found that Sylvia's neck had a reverse curve, the vertebrae were growing together and it was trying to "freeze up" on her. I watched him give Sylvia an adjustment and was impressed. I decided to let him work on me, too.

My x-rays showed that my neck also had a reverse curve, and spurs built up on the bones. In addition, my upper back between my shoulder blades was twisted. My lower back was also twisted and the disc where my sciatic nerve is was damaged. Dr. Randall told me that we would not be able to get rid of the spurs, but that we had to keep everything moving where it would not "freeze up."

Sylvia and I had gone to him for therapy and adjustments every week for about a year and a half. We still had pain, but not like before.

Now we were at the Thompsons' home in LaFayette, Georgia. It was Sunday afternoon, October 24, 1993. Dan and Cheryl came down from Rossville to be with us. Randy and Sandy Culbertson, a couple that Art and Alice Ann wanted us to meet, was also present. We found that we had so much in common with the Lord that it seemed like we had known them for a long time.

As usual, both Sylvia and I were hurting and being distracted somewhat with our pain, even while having a good time. It was obvious that Cheryl was in pain too. Her lower back was hurting so much when we sat down for supper that Sylvia suggested that Cheryl put her purse between her lower back and the back of her chair to apply some pressure on it. So she did. You could tell from her face and Sylvia's face too, that both of them were in a lot of pain.

Randy noticed this, and turned to Sandy and said, "Looks like we need to do some back work."

"Cheryl, may we pray for your healing?" Sandy asked.

"Yes, please." Cheryl replied.

Speaking with Authority

After supper Randy asked Cheryl to sit in a straight chair and she did. Then Sandy asked Cheryl if she believed Jesus would heal her, and Cheryl said, "Yes."

Sandy asked, "When?"

"Now?" Cheryl responded with a hint of uncertainty.

Then Sandy knelt at Cheryl's feet and asked Cheryl to lift her feet off the floor and hold her legs straight out, and keep her eyes open so she could see what was happening.

Alice Ann commented, "One of her legs is a little shorter than the other."

"It appears that way because her lower back is twisted and out of place," Sandy explained.

Then Sandy began speaking to parts of Cheryl's body. For example, Sandy said something like, "In the name of Jesus, I command Cheryl's pelvic area to move into perfect alignment and be normal in every way. Thank you, Jesus."

As she said this, we could see one of Cheryl's legs move (appearing to grow longer) until her feet lined up exactly. It was amazing. Sandy is a registered nurse, so she actually spoke to specific bones and muscles, etc., but she said there is no formula and you don't have to be technical.

Sandy asked Cheryl to stand up. Then she spoke to Cheryl's lower back, middle back, upper back, neck, and internal organs. At one point Sandy asked Cheryl to hold your arms straight out, and then she said, "In Jesus' name I speak to Cheryl's upper back. Vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. I command you to come into alighment..."

Cheryl's arms appeared to grow out until her finger tips lined up just as her feet had done. Moments later Cheryl said with a smile and tears of joy, "All my pain is gone!!!"

"Thank Jesus," Randy suggested. And Cheryl did. In fact we all did.

I quickly said, "Sylvia needs to be healed, too!"

Sandy said, "Sylvia, do you believe Jesus will heal you?"

Sylvia responded, "Yes."

Sandy asked, "When?"

Sylvia said, "Now."

So they did the same thing with Sylvia. I watched in amazement as the pain reflected in Sylvia's face disappeared. She looked years younger! When Sylvia checked to find places that still hurt, there were none. And Sylvia wept. I don't remember seeing Sylvia cry like that before. Apparently they were tears of joy!

And then Sylvia said, "All the places where I had pain -- they don't hurt anymore!"

God's Comment

I said, "I want to be healed too!" And I quickly sat in the straight chair. Before Randy could ask if I believe Jesus will heal me, I said, "YES!!!"

Everyone laughed. "When?" Randy asked.

"NOW!" I answered.

Then Randy got on his knees at my feet and started to take hold of my ankles to lift my legs to compare their lengths, but hesitated and closed his eyes. He appeared to be listening to something.

After a few moments he raised up, stood, got everyone's attention and said, "The Lord just said to me, 'You are kneeling at the feet of one of my precious ones.'"

We all gasped! It took my breath away! And I could not hold back the tears.

And Randy said to me, "The Lord wanted you to know what is in His heart."

Randy returned to his knees, lifted my feet, and said, "Your faith is so strong, I didn't get the opportunity to speak to your pelvic area. Your legs 'grew out' and your pelvis came into alignment as I lifted your feet."

Sandy and the others continued to pray silently while Randy spoke to my spine, neck, and other parts of my body. When he was almost finished, I said, "I have spurs on the vertebrae in my neck and I have trouble with arthritis in my shoulders and arms."

Randy replied, "I wouldn't be too sure of that." And we all laughed.

Watching the Unseen Healer Work

Cheryl said, "Dan needs to be healed, too."

Randy said, "Okay. Dan sit in the chair. Cheryl, you speak to Dan's back."

Cheryl hesitated and said, "But-- I've never done this before..."

"There is no magic formula," Sandy explained. "By Jesus' authority just command what's wrong to be fixed."

Cheryl knelt in front of Dan and lifted his feet.

"His legs are not the same length. One is shorter than the other," Cheryl observed.

"Then his lower back is twisted and out of place. Speak to his pelvis," Sandy suggested.

"In Jesus' name I speak to Dan's pelvis. I command you to move to the correct position and stay there," Cheryl said.

Cheryl got excited when she saw the response. "Look! The shorter leg... It's moving!" she exclaimed.

We all laughed as she continued, "Whoa, Lord! That's too far... Yes! That's good, Lord. Stop it right there. Thank You, Lord. They're lined up now."

While Cheryl was working with Dan, Randy passed close enough for me to tell him that I still had pain in my lower back on the right side. When Cheryl had finished with Dan, Randy told everyone that I still had a problem. He said, "Ask the Lord about it. If you get something, go with it."

Releasing the Past

Randy asked me to stand and he laid his hands on me. In a moment or two, he said, "I'm hearing that it is echoes of painful memories."

Randy began to pray in tongues. The others were praying too -- softly, but aloud. A few things in English here and there, from one and then another, caught my attention. They were things about me that they could not have known, except the Lord revealed it to them, and later they would not even remember what they had said.

Gradually, I felt this force building up in my abdomen! I tried to suppress it, but it kept building, and building, until I could suppress it no longer and it exploded through my mouth! I began to cry out noisily and unrestrainedly! And weep! Tears were flowing down my face that should have been released years ago. My body trembled. Everyone kept praying. After several minutes, it subsided, I stopped crying, and they stopped praying.

I still had some aching in my lower back, but it wasn't as bad as before. Randy felt that the Lord would take care of that in time. He said that the Lord would bring things to my memory for me to deal with as I am able to handle them.

Except for that, there was no pain whatsoever. It was a new experience for me. I could not remember being without pain before, especially in my neck and shoulders.

Looking back as I write this years later, I realize that more of those painful memories would be released during events I will tell about in this book. Later when the Holy Spirit gave me the gift of tongues, I released the rest of those painful memories to my heavenly Father in tears and a prayer language I did not understand. But God understood, and He would finish healing me at that time. (You can read about that in my book on "Tongues.")

All four of us received healing that day. Art and Alice Ann had never seen this before, and neither had we. Art said it reminded him of Mark 11:23 where Jesus said, "I am telling you the truth: You could say to this mountain, 'Pick yourself up and throw yourself into the lake!' and it would happen for you. You must not doubt in your heart. Instead, believe that what you are saying will happen. This is why I am telling you: When you are praying and asking God for something, believe that you have received it, and it will happen for you."

In Retrospect

Later as I reflected back on what had just happened, I was overwhelmed with amazement. I marveled at it all.

For over a year and a half Sylvia and I had gone weekly, sometimes more often, for therapy and adjustments. We found relief, but were never without some pain and discomfort. Muscles were tight and stiff and bones didn't want to move, so the adjustments themselves could cause soreness. Our chiropractor offered no hope of completely correcting our problems without years of intensive treatments, because of the severity of calcium buildup (spurs), our ages, etc.

So, God did in a few moments what our doctor was not able to do in a year and a half. In cases like ours, a chiropractor can only move bones in the direction of the correct location. Over a period of time and a number of adjustments, it is hoped that the bones will end up where they should be, and the muscles will be strengthened enough to keep them there. There is no doubt in my mind that God put everything back exactly where they are supposed to be with one quick adjustment, that the muscles were caused to hold them there immediately, that my neck no longer had a reverse curve, and that the spurs had dissolved and disappeared.

It didn't even hurt when the Lord adjusted my spine and neck. In fact, I could see movement, which I had no control over, but I didn't feel anything taking place. I just stopped hurting.

Sylvia said that during her healing she had felt something go up her left arm -- from her hand in the direction of her shoulder. Her hand had been in a lot of pain until then.

Randy said that God had been talking to him since he was a child. I told him that I wasn't certain what God wants me to do now that I was unemployed.

"Just keep focusing on Jesus," was his reply.

Medical Confirmation

Sylvia and I already had appointments to see our chiropractor three days later. We were both still feeling good. We didn't really need to keep the appointments, but I felt the Lord wanted Dr. Randall to see what He (God) had done. I told Dr. Randall what had happened and he checked both Sylvia and me and said, "The bones are in alignment, legs the same length, good movement, no pain -- That's amazing!"

Then he told me that he always asks the Lord to guide his hands when he is giving someone an adjustment.

After that Sylvia and I had times when we had some pain, when we would re-injure parts of our bodies. Randy had told me that both Sylvia and I had the Holy Spirit living within us, and we could do the same thing they did.

But it would take me a while to get use to that idea.

Never Left Home

One night I had a dream in which the Lord revealed to me that Sylvia and I had never been alone, even in our most intimate moments.

After I got out of bed and lay on the floor doing my stretching exercises the next morning, I saw a vision of Sylvia and my mother. There was a string. One end was attached to me. The other end was attached to Mom. A large hand came down from above and disconnected the end that was attached to my mother and attached it to Sylvia.

Genesis 2:24 speaks about a man leaving his father and mother and being joined to his wife in such a way that the two become one person. The combination of the dream and the vision let me know that I had never been able to completely do that, even though at that time Sylvia and I had been married for over 40 years. This was a surprise to me.

I told Sylvia that the Lord seemed to be telling me that my mother has always been with us -- even when we thought we were alone, and Mom was thousands of miles away.

Sylvia said, "I've always known that."

But I had not known that and I was puzzled!
I'm thankful that the Lord would reveal more later...

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